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The Acadian Coast Mushrooms – Psychedelic Mushrooms Buy Online

Unfortunately, very little is known about the origins of the Acadian Coast mushrooms. Some sources maintain that these shrooms come from samples taken exclusively along the coast of the Mississippi River, specifically in Louisiana. If this is the case, these shrooms were likely first found and potentially consumed by the Acadians. This group of people migrated from the Vendee region of Western France to Canada and were driven south to the Louisiana area. The name “Acadian” would later morph into “Cajun.”

Most of the details surrounding the origins of this strain remain a mystery. Nobody has come forward to receive the credit for collecting and developing this strain.

Acadian Coast Mushrooms Potency & Psilocybin Content

“Shroom potency” refers to the levels of psychedelic compounds — namely psilocin and psilocybin — in dried mushroom samples. Potency can range wildly between species, strains, and even different samples of a single strain.

Because the Acadian Coast mushroom is so rare, there is minimal information available online about the specific psychedelic potency. Most sources suggest that the potency of Acadian Coast shrooms fluctuates between 0.25% – 0.75% psilocybin and about 0.00% – 0.30% psilocin (0.25 – 1.05% combined). 

For comparison, the average potency of shrooms belonging to the Psilocybe cubensis species is around 0.8% psilocybin and psilocin combined (total tryptamines).

Generally speaking, Acadian Coast mushrooms are considered about average when it comes to potency. With this strain, most users report roughly average visual and introspective effects but slightly higher body load.

We like to use The Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup as a benchmark for assessing the current potency of magic mushroom strains. This competition involves the submission of various magic mushroom samples by expert and amateur growers alike.

Unfortunately, there has never been samples of the Acadian Coast strain in the Psilocybin Cup.

Acadian Coast Mushrooms Variations & Genetic Relatives

Many shroom strains have popular variations and genetic relatives. Oftentimes, these variations have mostly similar characteristics but maintain small but distinct differences either in physical appearance or user experience that set them apart. Some of the only “variations” or close relatives to the Acadian Coast shroom strain come from Mississippi and Louisiana.

For example, the Dixieland strain is believed to have been initially cultivated in Mississippi. Given that the soil and climatic conditions in MS are similar to those in Louisiana, the Acadian Coast strain likely shares some relationship with Dixieland mushrooms. Both strains look similar, with highly rhizomorphic mycelium and dark brown caps that lighten as the mushroom ripens.

Psychedelic Mushrooms Buy Online

The Mississippi strain also originates from around the same area. Still, some differences in growth characteristics lead us to believe the Acadian Coast strain isn’t as closely related as they are to Dixieland.


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