Truphoria Lizard King Psilocybin Chocolate Bar- 4g


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Magic Mushrooms In Chocolate | Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Truphoria mushroom chocolate bars are the easiest and tastiest way to enjoy psilocybin mushrooms. Four grams per bar, net weight 50grams. Easily divides into eight .5 gram pieces.

Truphoria is a mushroom chocolate bar infused with Psilocybin, from the cubensis family.

The 4 gram mushroom chocolate bar will take you to a world of psychedelics without having to chew on stems or caps.

The ingredient’s are simple. Super tasty milk chocolate with well ground up mushrooms.

Dosage of Truphoria “Lizard King” mushroom chocolate bar suggests 1 bar per 2 people. Please use your discretion. Dosed with 4 gram of mushrooms the net weight is 50g.



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