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Stoned Ape Mushroom Chocolates utilize dark chocolate and artfully cultivated mushroom that form a magical union, there are 7 grams of freeze dried fruiting bodies in each bar.
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Stoned Ape Mushrooms Chocolate Bar

Processing mushrooms into chocolates offers a number of advantages, according to those who make and consume them. For one, they taste better, at least to most people, who might find the dried variety recall dirt, feet, or, more mercifully, pumpkin seeds. The texture isn’t great, either. “I prefer not picking mushrooms out of my teeth,” David says. Chocolates are also shelf stable for months, unlike the mushrooms themselves, which will oxidize if not stored properly. Bars also offer a good way of standardizing dosage, and letting people take as much or as little as they would like, since they break apart. “The most important thing is to create consistency,” David says.
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