Euphoria Psychedelics Psilocybin Gummies


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The Euphoria Psychedelics gummies are unlike any other magic mushroom candy on the market. Rather than being sold in packs of multiple gummies, these come with just one 1000 mg shroom edible. The gummies are shaped into eight-block Lego bricks that can be consumed whole (equivalent to one gram of P. cubensis) or split into eight to create 125 mg microdoses.

Euphoria Psychedelics Gummies

These mushroom gummies are available in three flavors: blue raspberry, red cherry, orange, and watermelon. There isn’t a whole lot of information on the contents of these gummies. However, the brand also sells a variety of different psilocybin products that contain whole Psilocybe cubensis pieces, meaning that they likely use real shrooms in their gummies.

Euphoria Psychedelics Mushroom Gummies | psychedelic mushroom gummies

From Reddit reports and reputable vendor reviews, we’ve established that this company and its Lego brick gummies are legit. We’ve awarded these psilocybin gummies an 8/10 Tripsitter Ranking and a 7/10 Trust Score.

You can purchase the Euphoria Psychedelics gummies from the Canada-based online magic mushroom vendor 


Blue Raspberry, Red Cherry, Orange, Watermelon

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